Project Partners

Theatr Cynefin


Cynefin is a unique cultural operator based in Wales which creates event theatre that turns our memories and aspirations inside out. Building huge labyrinths in landscapes and interiors inhabited by performers and instillations they work with artists and communities to explore and expose the intestines of culture: the sensory memories that are the gut instincts of what makes us who we are.

Belonging is a theme that haunts Cynefin’s work. The word, Cynefin, (Ku-nevin) is a Welsh word for which there is no equivalence in the English Language. A rough translation would be habitat, the place or the time when we instinctively belong or feel most connected. In those moments what lies beneath mundane existence is unveiled and the joy of being alive can overwhelm us.


GAIAC – Grupo de Acção e Intercâmbio Artístico e Cultural


GAIAC from Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, is an active member of the youth-arts network “Drums for Peace” (, organizing youth exchanges and training courses.
GAIAC is using the arts in order to promote intercultural exchange between young adults from Porto region and from the rest of Europe. Members of GAIAC are involved with adult education and art in different contexts, for example as teachers of adult second chance classes at Antonio Sergio School in V.N. Gaia, working with Theatre of the Oppressed and developing different artistic projects and activities in associations and social centres in Porto region.


MJC – Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Montlucon


Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Montluçon, France, is one of 1000 Maison de Jeunes et de la Culture in France – but this has specialised in electric music, as this is a very important part of Youth Culture.
MJC Montluçon arranges a wide range of concerts with bands and has several local bands rehearsing in the 3 studios.
MJC Montluçon does provide a great variety of possible activities for young adults in Montluçon and especially the Fontbouillant sub-urb with its immigrant-population. In this way MJC Montluçon has also activities as workshops of ethnic instruments as baglama (Zas) and djembe. MJC Montluçon is a member of Drums for Peace-network.


Theater der Unterdrückten – Wien


The “TdU-Wien” aims to humanize society by means of Theatre of the Oppressed. The staff of TdU Wien are trained Jokers (Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners) with a variety of social, educational and artistic backgrounds. The association is located in the WUK-building-Vienna ( Currently, the main activities may be described as:

– annual course of instruction/training for jokers about the TO-methods; to expand our multiplying program
– workshops in schools, universities and other public institutions
– workshops with international trainers
– supplying information and material; support for setting up local groups
– strong international cooperation with the CTO-Rio de Janeiro ( and the Indian TO-movement Jana Sanskriti (
– issues of gender, xenophobia, discrimination and exclusion
– European Voluntary Service
– to create spaces for the development and expansion of our imagination

For this partnership, the TdU-Wien has extended and intensified cooperation with DanceAbility-Austria (


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